Weston Speedwell

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New build instruments



We had built a number of replica Speedwell rev counters initially utilising both original cases and movements with the acquisition of a new/old stock batch. Subsequently we were able to source used original equipment manufacturer cases. Having already designed the electronics to work with original Weston moving coil movements we then set out to source a moving coil aviation movement that was backward compatible with the drivers and could be incorporated into these cases. We envisaged a short step to the next logical development of  incorporating these components into a new case. Original components in any condition had become increasingly difficult to find. The short step was actually a very long one where much time was spent developing a case with the look and feel of the original design to complement our existing components.


The reference gauge for the new case was one we understand had originally been installed in a Formula 1 BRM car. Possibly a car driven by Graham Hill himself with both his Speedwell and BRM racing connections. Our desire is to take this pedigree forward to produce a gauge compatible with historic vehicles that itself had true heritage.




Rebuilt Instruments

We occasionally obtain original cases. These are then used as the basis for a build giving an instrument true patina. Please contact us for availability. 


New build!

New batch of replica instruments available early 2016


Anodised CNC (machined from a solid billet) aluminium body.

Aluminium screen printed dial.

Moving coil, analogue aviation movement.

(A movement identical in operation and visually similar to those used in the original instruments)

Brass insert connectors.

Temperature compensated, surface mount electronics.

Glass face with printed roundel.

As per the original Speedwell - no illumination. John Sprinzel kindly confirmed for the original units, external illumination was by 'eyebrow' aircraft gauge illumination. 

Dimensionally accurate to original units, both from front and rear.

Individually calibrated.

Accuracy better than 2% across the full range.

Case is electrically isolated - OK for both positive and negative earth systems.

UK manufacture.