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Speedwell Rev Counter


Speedwell revcounter tachometer TM


Gen case speedwell rev counter


10K gaugeS



Revcounter tachometer movement pcb


Speedwell revcounter bezel 1 

Austin Healey Frogeye (Bugeye) Sprite dashboard with Speedwell gauge. 

Speedwell revcounter bezel 2

 MG Midget dashboard with speedwell gauge.

 Speedwell revcounter bezel 3

 Speedwell vintage rev counter 80mm to 100mm adapter bezel.

 New Bezel Speedwell rev counter

Speedwell rev counter mounting bezel with new gauge.


Speedwell revcounteraa

Speedwell revcounter bezel



Weston Speedwell 8,000 RPM rev counter

New CNC aluminium, anodised case- £295.00

The Classic Rev counter built up using a new precision engineered aluminium case with a vintage BRM Formula 1 Speedwell gauge as reference. Aircraft moving coil movement, three wire operation, internal illumination. Popular with the sixties racing fraternity this classic, vintage styled gauge is extremely authentic and will not look out of place in a classic, performance car. Perfect as an alternative to modern gauges. Gauges generally built to order.



Weston Speedwell 8,000 RPM rev counter

Original manufacturer case- £235.00

Rev counter built up using an original case (subject to availability)

Only three connections so no provision for internal lighting. Our mounting bezel kit is fully compatible with this gauge and is available as an option. 



Weston Speedwell 10,000 RPM rev counter available as of 14th April 2017!!!

Original manufacturer case- £245.00

Rev counter built up using an original case. The 10,000 RPM Weston Speedwell gauge was a rare option in period. Our dial is a very close replica and when combined with a genuine manufacturer case is virtually indistiguishable from an original unit. Performance from our aircraft grade moving coil movement is excellent. Accuracy and needle stability is very good with this unit showing accuracy of 1% FSD. Tested with Accuspark electronic ignition and conventional points system. Reverse polarity, transient and load dump protection incorporated. Internal voltage stabilisation to prevent varying battery voltage affecting readings. We employ a microprocessor calibration unit with every gauge individually calibrated. Ideal for historic racing where a period instrument is required.




Weston Speedwell repair assemby - designed to accept original Speedwell dials

Speedwell repair for DIY - £85.00 (free p&p)

A complete rev counter movement/assembly developed to provide a diy repair kit for your Speedwell rev counter. The module consists of a base plate that mounts on the existing three pillars. A tachometer PCB with pointer movement motor and a replacement pointer plus mounting hardware, standoffs etc. your existing dial will simply screw onto the pillars. We are trialling just four of these units for feedback purposes. The PCB standoffs/pcb mounting holes are 35mm apart and the unit could possibly be used to repair Chronometric rev counters or as the basis for specials. We hope to be able to supply several designs of pointer initially for 80mm gauges. Note - base cap and dial are not included in the rev counter rebuild kit and are shown for illustrative purposes only. The installation requires the use of a soldering iron.


Weston Speedwell fitting instructions

Speedwell rev counter fitting instructions - Original vintage Speedwell tachometer document. Speedwell wiring instructions for both negative and positive earth fitting.

Fitting instructions courtesy of Mk1 Performance Conversions - A comprehensive resource for the Mk1 Mini fan!



Speedwell rev counter fitting instructions

Speedwell revcounter bezel, adapter kit for 100mm mounting.

Weston Speedwell 80mm to 100mm adapter bezel. Completes the vintage aircraft car gauge look. CNC aluminium, black anodised to allow the 80mm Speedwell gauge to be mounted in 100mm holes. The bezel is profiled to centrally locate the gauge. Designed to accomodate our new build gauges it is also compatible with original Speedwell gauges (images to left are of a genuine Weston case built up as a speedometer for a client). The bezel will fit into a standard 100mm gauge recess. (Also suitable for the later Midget/Sprite dashboards - see images opposite). Back in stock as of 12th January, 2018.





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